The Trots Horse Racing System came in to action early 2016 and after a brief stint into profit territory it proceeded to burn through the bankroll over the course of a year without ever looking like coming good again. I was going to continue but after one week in 2017 I lost interest and decided to cut it ahead of schedule.

Remember kids, not all systems are good systems.

System Overview

  • Markets: Australian harness/trots horse racing
  • Bet type: Lay
  • Staking: Ratcheted bankroll percentage (1%)
  • Total P&L: -$436.56
Trots System Total P&L

Current Stats (2017)

N/A – scrapped as of 6th January 2017

Previous Stats

2016 P&L: -$408.05

2017 P&L:  -$28.51