The ‘System A’ Horse Racing System is a new trial on three fronts. First, it’s a new idea I had about finding overrated horses that proved potentially profit during backtesting. Second, it’s not a system with high volume of bets. Third it’s a kelly, or more precisely a half-kelly, staking plan. All that adds up to it being hard to tell (yet) if it is any good or not. But that’s why I test it!

System Overview

  • Markets: Australian thoroughbred horse racing
  • Bet type: Lay
  • Staking: Kelly (50%)
  • Total P&L: -$628.88
System A Total P&L

Current Stats (2017)

Current 2017 P&L: -$716.35

System A 2017 P&L

Previous Stats

2016 P&L: +$87.47