Hello there my name is Big Ranker and I have a confession to make. Sometimes in the dark and lonely hours of the wee morning, when I am basking in the unhealthy glow of my computer and dreaming about a better life, I do something many people would consider dirty and unsavoury. I rank.

I can’t help it. It’s like this deep carnal animal comes roaring to life and before I know it my hands are operating on their own – whiteboarding ideas, writing code to scrape data, creating algorithms, analysis stats. And at the end all I am left with is a slightly unsatisfied feeling and another new ranking algorithm.

I’m just a Big Ranker.

So join me as I try to share the vast sports knowledge that is stored in dark recesses of my brain. I’ll talk about sports in general, sports betting and gambling, analytics, statistics, and my dirty ranking habit.


Big Ranker